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Fresno's No 1 in Auto Theft

Today's edition of the Fresno Bee announced a special distinction for the city of Fresno. Fresno is #1 in the nation in car theft. Our rate of theft is well ahead of #2 Modesto, CA. Eight of the "top ten" cities are in California. The other two are in Washington state. Eight car were stolen per on thousand residents.

Our local law enforcement officials blame the state's budget woes. They say the majority of cars are being stolen by only a handful of thieves. The cops know who they are and are able to catch them in the act. They arrest them, only to have them released hours later because there is no money to house prisoners who are waiting for arraignment and trial. So they go right back out and steal more cars. Then they skip their court dates. And it never ends.

At least no one has stolen my Subaru yet. Not sure why.

Jim Wallis & Social Justice

On a recent episode of Travel with Rick Steves, Rick interviewed pastor and publisher Jim Wallis. Jim is perhaps best known for his recent as editor and publisher of Sojourners magazine. Jim calls himself as "progressive evangelical."

I deeply appreciate the fact that Rick Steves is a Christian who doesn't hide his faith. Rick has occasional shows that highlight the relationship between travel and faith. These are usually fantastic conversations.

The radio show on April 16, 2011, was especially good because of an interview with Jim Wallis and a discussion about "travel as a spiritual act." Click on the link below to hear the show. You can also get the podcast through iTunes or on the Rick Steves website.

Rick Steves' interview with Jim Wallis

The interview with Jim Wallis begins at 33:25 in the show.

Disaster Relief in Alabama

The news of last week's devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri splashed across the nation. Its destruction was among the worst disaster ever caused by a single tornado. The vibrant city of Joplin will never again be the same.

The tornadoes that struck central Alabama in early May already seem a distant memory, but the wreckage and rebuilding will take years. For those who want to give money to those disaster relief and rebuilding efforts, I encourage you to look over the following information. I've reprinted this list from The Christian Chronicle. To visit their websites, just click on the name of the organization.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort
 shipped semi-truck loads full of supplies to hard-hit communities in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

In keeping with its practice after wildfires, floods, hurricanes and other tornadoes, the Nashville, Tenn.-based ministry worked with local churches, including the Hackleburg Church of Christin Alabama, to distri…