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First Thessalonians hits home, part 2

I'm sharing a couple thoughts from the apostle Paul's first letter to the Thessalonian church. For five weeks in February and March, I had the chance to preach this short letter. I'm sharing a couple things that stood out and encouraged me as I lived in this text. Here's the second:

(2) How we live in the world makes a real difference. I've caught a few episodes of a new show on the Food Network. It's called "Restaurant Stakeout." Have you seen it?

This TV show features a restaurant expert named Willie Degel from NYC. Willie believes that cameras are a critical component of employee management. He believes that employees who know they are being watched have a better chance of living up to the expectations placed on them. The show highlights a struggling restaurant whose owners bring in Willie to advise them on how to turn things around. He places hidden cameras throughout the restaurant and watches for a day or two with the owners so that they can se…