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The Future of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Starting mid-May 2012, Mike Cope will be the new director of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. See his post on this at Mike's a great choice to follow the irreplaceable Dr. Jerry Rushford. Mike will carry the torch well, but he will undoubtedly do some new things. Mike's asking people for their thoughts about the Bible Lectures. He's a collaborator, and this quality is awesome. Some have attended the Lectures for decades and can offer more insight than I can. I've maybe been to six: three since I moved here to Fresno and three while I was doing campus ministry in West Virginia.  Here's what I wrote in response to Mike's request for input: I appreciate the geographical diversity of the Bible Lectures. Niches exist for almost every segment. When I was ministering in West Virginia, I would go to Pepperdine and see like-minded people from my region. It was in Malibu of all places where I was able to develop and deepen relationships with people who s…