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McSwain, Stetzer & A Renewed Mission for American Churches

This week, I read & shared a piece by Steve McSwain from the Huffington Post religion blog. McSwain seems to be a good guy, and he is a respected church leader. His article,"Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore" is a well-reasoned response to a previous blog post by Ed Stetzer on the Christianity Today blog. Stetzer is another widely read Christian leader. In his article,"The State of the Church in America: Hint: It's Not Dying," Stetzer argues that "The church in America is in transition," and that we shouldn’t really think of it as declining or dying.
What is Stetzer saying? He wants to reassure us that the American church is just getting rid of "cultural" and "congregational" Christians – i.e., those who aren't serious about their faith. According to Stetzer, this will leave the church with a group of people who can seriously engage society as "a mobilized mission force in the midst of this mission field." T…