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Renew 2013

This year's RENEW conference here in Fresno (Feb 8-10) is full of speakers who will be BRINGING IT in thought-provoking and inspirational ways. In these fractious days, it can seem as though our options are defined for us by folks in the media or by our most vocal associates. Do we have a Christian calling that supersedes the surface-level bickering in our society?

We'll be exploring that question together during Renew. The Kingdom of God is not just a spiritual construct that allows us to go to heaven one day. God has high expectations of us, and some of these run counter to the pigeon-holing stereotypes of our contemporary culture.

Our speakers will help us look backward and forward as we seek to live out the high calling of being Jesus' disciples. As an example, here's a short blurb from Doug Foster about his first talk on Friday night:

"Race, War and Gender in Churches of Christ"
Churches of Christ in America have not been known for activism in matters of so…