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Harry Potter, Witchcraft & Christianity, part 1

Someone posted a question last week. They wondered how I as a Christian preacher could justify going to see Harry Potter, a movie ostensibly about witchcraft. That person's mind may (or may not) be open to a conversation about this issue. Regardless, I view this as a good question.

Many people may wonder about this, and a few of them might actually read this blog. By the way, thanks to the two of you who do read it! ;-> I welcome the chance to think about it out loud. More than once in my life have I changed my mind on a subject just by talking it through. I welcome your thoughts on this, too.

I plan to tackle this in several pieces, although the conversation may evolve as it gets rolling.

1. A discussion of witchcraft in biblical times -- or what I know of it
2. The Book of Acts and its condemnation of witchcraft and two other "ungodly forces"
3. Missional questions -- i.e., Are we in the world but not of the world? What does that mean?
4. Should Harry Potter be off …

Potter Mania Hits Fresno

According to an AP story, Fresno's excitement over the final Potter movie is second only to that of New York City. Advance ticket sales in both places were statistically through the roof. A July 1 article in the Fresno Bee says this: "Robbie Arrington, marketing manager for the western region of Regal Cinemas, owners of four theater complexes in Fresno, says only the New York market has sold more tickets for the midnight screenings on July 14."

I might have scoffed at such talk if I hadn't wandered down today near the region's premier theater. Edwards 22, located at trendy River Park Shopping Center, is the newest and most popular movie theater in Fresno. When I went to get our tickets for one of tomorrow afternoon's 25 shows, I saw this incredible sight outside the movie theater.

At first, I thought Fresno's homeless community had suddenly moved north. Then it dawned on me! These folks are waiting at 2:00 p.m. for the midnight showing. They already have …

The Scavengers Are Out

It's neighborhood clean-up time in northeast Fresno. This annual event is Fresno's way to help folks dispose of larger items. Weekly trash collection only allows us to dump things that fit in our bins. The clean-up lets people get rid of tree limbs, couches, lumber, furniture, scrap metal and just about anything that isn't electronic or hazardous.

Folks pile their waste and garbage on the street just in front of their houses. Most of the piles contain trimmings from pine trees & miscellaneous junk. But when the trucks arrive tomorrow to haul it all away, the junk will be almost all gone leaving just the branches behind.

Most items get scavenged within a few hours. Need to get rid of some old junk metal? Someone will drive by to turn it in to recycling. Trading out your toilets for new ones? Someone will grab them and try to sell your old ones. That broken dresser no longer has a place in your garage? A scavenger will find something to do with it.

Monday night, I had for…