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Renew 2013

We're blessed to have Doug Foster as a keynote speaker on this year's RENEW program. Doug teaches church history at Abilene Christian University, and is considered one of the foremost experts in the history of the Restoration Movement (to which Churches of Christ belong). 

Renewal has been a constant theme of Doug's work. The books he has co-authored include Renewing God's PeopleRenewal for Mission, and Renewing Christian Unity. Sounds to me as if Doug may have a few poignant things to say on the subject of renewal!
His two major talks will focus us on issues relevant to Churches of Christ on the West Coast and beyond as we explore how to renew our congregations as we partner with the mission of God in our contexts. Doug's first talk (Friday evening) will be on "Race, War & Gender: Do Churches of Christ Have a Social Conscience?" His second talk (Sunday morning) will be on "The Strengths and Temptations of Churches of Christ" as we seek t…