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Potential Auditorium Change

I’m looking for feedback on a potential update to the College Church auditorium. A few color-savvy people have looked at some different options proposed by a local interior designer. Leadership has chimed in as well. We all like the basic aspects of this option the best.

What do you think? How might this paint color (walls & beams) change the feel of our worship space? How does this artist's rendering accentuate (or damage) our building's architectural features?

Your thoughtful reflection would be most appreciated. Peace!

Lasagna in Monterey

Last week, I sampled the lasagna at Gianni's Pizza in Monterey. We had family in from Texas, and they were all busy touring the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I passed on fish in favor of working on Sunday's Christmas sermon.

The lasagna was good. But I can't figure out if Gianni's is actually still a place that locals like or if it is a place that locals used to like. The place has an air about it that says, "We think we're good, so we really don't care about your opinion." The result is that the interior decor is less than ideal. One of the wooden benches snagged my jeans with an exposed nail. Ugh!

But if you can ignore the musty feel, it probably is still a pretty good place. Most of the reviews are positive, though some are clearly for sentimental reasons. Regardless, it was a nice quiet spot to eat lunch and do some work. The family was actually done with their tour before I had finished.

Merry Christmas.